Ligne Roset

“A Ligne Roset classic, Michel Ducaroy’s Togo has been the ultimate in comfort and style for over forty years. The timeless collection features an ergonomic design with multiple density polyether foam construction and quilted covers, making each piece both visually attractive and physically inviting.
A seat dreamt up especially for afternoon siestas or lazy evenings spent in the greatest of comfort, the Togo Lounge is a statement piece of furniture on its own as well as the perfect addition to a Togo sectional.”

Modern living offers a wide range of ‘Togo’ sofa’s by Ligne Roset, both vintage and reupholstered. For the reupholstery of our Togo’s we like to work with AquaClean fabrics. The Aquaclean system covers every single fiber with an invisible molecular coating. This avoids dirt to penetrate the fabric’s fibers. This enables you to clean the fabric just with water, which helps to maintain the fabric and prolong the life of your sofa cover. This fabric can  be compared with a short haired non shiny velvet and comes in a wide range of colours. Besides the new upholstery we also provide the Togo’s with new top layers of foam so the density is guaranteed. If you’re thinking of buying a reupholstered Togo and don’t know what color to choose, let us know your favourites and we send you the samples so you can choose at your own time and place. We also have a sample book at our showroom as well as a reupholstered Togo so you can already have a look and feel, very welcome to relax and have a seat. As we only work with original pieces from Ligne Roset there can sometimes be a waiting time, you can already pre-order your Togo and as soon as it is in stock we contact you and start the process. After ordering your Togo will be ready in about 6 weeks.